What is an unvented Hot Water System?

You may have heard of vented hot water systems as these are more commonly used throughout the UK. However, unvented hot water systems are newer to the country as were only were introduced in 1986, but are continuing to grow in popularity.
So, what are they?
They are a new way of heating up water which removes the need of homes having to store a water tank as the hot water cylinders are fed directly from the cold-water mains. This lack of need for a cold-water tank is one of the main reasons why they are growing in popularity as it saves customers immense space in either their lofts or storage cupboards.
Unlike with vented hot water systems, the water pressure also tends to be more consistent as it comes straight from the mains and doesn’t rely on gravity or vary dependant on what room you’re in.
Unvented hot water systems can be heated via an immersion heater, indirectly via the central heating system, or even via solar energy. The system itself contains expandable hot water cylinders which allow the water to expand as it heats up and then be pumped around the home. Due to this expansion, unvented hot water systems also come with a pressure valve to help release any excess pressure that may have built up during the heating of the water.
These systems are best suited for larger homes that may have more rooms to heat or have a higher chance of people using hot water at the same time, i.e. with multiple bathrooms. This is mainly because of the reliable pressure that this systems provides as well as the fact that the hot water won’t run out as it’s not being drained from a tank, but heated as it travels through the system.
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